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Marcal Pro Recycled Toilet Paper, Two-Ply

Marcal Pro Recycled Toilet Paper, Two-Ply
Item #MAC3001
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Marcal Pro Eco-Friendly 2 Ply Recycled Toilet Paper, Septic Safe Bath Tissue, 48 rolls/240 sheets per roll. This 2 ply toilet paper by Marcal can be ordered now and shipped to you tomorrow! Sunrise Toilet Paper is embossed with a decorative design for softness and durability. This eco-friendly toilet paper is virtually lint-free and safe for septic systems. The bathroom toilet paper is individually wrapped in Polycase® rolls for easier handling, unloading and storing, as well as protection from dirt, dust and water damage. This green toilet paper contains 100% recycled material! Sunrise toilet tissue is so soft and durable; you can barely tell this is a green toilet paper. Order your Sunrise® Eco-Friendly 2 Ply Recycled Toilet Paper Septic Safe Bath Tissue today and expect your toilet paper to be shipped tomorrow! MAC3001

  • FREE SHIPPING on all orders $50 & over
  • 240 Sheets per Roll
  • 48 Rolls per Case
  • White, 2-ply
  • 100% recycled content, minimum 40% post-consumer content
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Meeting EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines
  • 4.3” x 3.66” sheets

Sunrise® Eco-Friendly 2 Ply Toilet Paper Septic Safe Bath Tissue is manufactured by Marcal Paper

Features and Benefits of Sunrise Toilet Paper

  • Septic Safe
  • Trees were not killed in the manufacturing process
  • Paper products made from recycled paper
  • Paper products are hypoallergenic
  • No chlorine bleach used to make paper whiter
  • No dyes
  • No fragrances

Marcal Manufacturing: Truly Green

Marcal is a true "Green" manufacturer. Marcal is a pioneer in the recycling industry, producing recycled paper products for well over 50 years. While other major paper manufacturers kill millions of trees each year, destroying wildlife habitats and contributing to global warming, Marcal does not kill any trees when manufacturing their products.

Each year, while Americans throw out 210 million tons of waste, Marcal processes over 200,000 tons of paper. From the huge bales of paper delivered to Marcal factory every day, all year, Marcal produces 12 million cases of paper products annually.

Marcal uses paper collected from curbs in residential neighborhoods in cities and towns across America; from papers from office buildings to unwanted junk mail and waste from printers. So think twice before throwing your paper in a trash can, sending it to a landfill. Think about Marcal factory and the trees and wildlife habitats you could save and the global warming you could help stop.

Sunrise® Eco-Friendly 2 Ply Toilet Paper Septic Safe Bath Tissue is ready to use and is a great environmentally friendly product - Order today and Cleaning Products World will ship to you tomorrow.

Go ahead and add this one to your shopping cart now - we completely stand behind it. Also, if you have a question on this or any other of's great products, please don't hesitate to ask us here.

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