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55 Gallon Medical Grade Trash Bags, Low Density, 1.3 Mil

55 Gallon Medical Grade Trash Bags, Low Density, 1.3 Mil
Item #JAGIW3658R
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55 gallon Trash Bags 36x58 Super Heavy Wgt Red Health Care 1.3 Mil Low Density Bulk Pack. These medical waste can liners are for infectious waste and infectious linen. The low density garbage bags are recommended for sharper objects and tougher transport conditions, and feature greater tear resistance than high density trash bags. The garbage bag’s star sealed bottom helps prevent leakage while the mineral-reinforced, high-quality of the bag enhances strength and puncture resistance. Order your low density garbage bag now and expect delivery in 2-3 days. JAGIW3658R

Medical Waste Can Liners
Low Density
For infectious waste and infectious linen
Super-Heavy Grade
Color: Red
Capacity: 55-gallon capacity
Size: 36 x 58
1.3 Mil Gauge
100 Bags per Case

Features :
  • Star seal bottom helps prevent leakage
  • Made from high-quality blended resins for superior strength and puncture resistance
  • Multipurpose can liners recommended for sharper objects and tougher transport conditions
  • Greater tear resistance compared to heavy duty liners
  • Offers good puncture resistance and load capacity

This Medical Waste Can Liner is manufactured by Jaguar Plastics

Expert Advice: What to Know When Purchasing Trash Bags

Purchasing garbage bags may seem like an easy task, there are actually many features and aspects one should consider. So the next time you’re ordering can liners, consider these important features to prevent feature mishaps:

Different Strength Levels
  • Light – crumbled paper, paper cups, etc
  • Medium– packaging waster, cardboard, wet paper, etc
  • Heavy– light wood, metal scraps, wet cardboard, etc
  • Extra Heavy – Heavy, sharp, or wet trash
  • Super Extra Heavy – Warehouse, Cafeteria, or Facility waste

High Density (HD) vs. Low Density (LD)
  • High Density Trash Bags- much thinner than low density liners, but are capable of holding greater weight; They feature better puncture resistance and load capacity.
  • Low Density Trash Bags – Recommended for sharper objects and tougher transport conditions. They feature greater tear resistance compared to high density garbage bags.

Bottom Seal Types
  • Star Seal - This is the most common type of seal and the most reliable of the three. It eliminates gaps along the seal line, which allows these liners to more easily take the shape of any size/style garbage can. They are also popular because they more evenly distribute weight within the bag – maximizing load capacity and preventing leaks.
  • Gusset Seal – Used on flat-style trash bags; An economical choice recommended for light loads only (paper, etc)
  • Flat Seal – Create strong bottom seals to prevent bottom leaks, but may leak from the corners due to design. Their flat seal also prevents them from conforming as easily to trash containers.

Cored vs. Coreless Rolls
  • Cored Rolls – Rolls which are rolled around a cardboard cylinder (similar to toilet paper/paper towels).
  • Coreless Rolls – Rolls w/o cylinder in the middles; recommended for high traffic areas

Mils vs Microns
  • Mils – generally used to denote the thickness of low density liners (convert to microns by multiplying the number of mils x 25.4)
  • Microns – generally used to denote the thickness of high density liners (convert to mils by dividing the number of microns by 25.4)

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